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Drivemode raises $6.5M from Panasonic and others for smartphone car tech

If you're an Android device owner and also a driver, you may be familiar with Drivemode: It's one of the most popular apps for use in cars on Google Play, with over one million downloads and active us

This must be the year of mobile security

If I gave you my phone right you’d be able to figure out a lot of stuff about me. If I didn’t unlock it you’d see some of the news I read, the apps I use, and even some of the messag

Budget US Android smartphones found secretly sending personal data to China

Commercial firmware pre-installed on some Android smartphone models sold in the US has been found to be secretly sending highly sensitive user data to a third party company based in China, according t

Meem backs up your phone every time you charge it

Forgot to back up your phone again? The way we use smartphones has changed a lot, and many of us never even plug our smartphones into computers anymore. Meem's new power cables for iOS and Android may

FTC, FCC launch inquiry into how companies distribute security fixes to mobile devices

The Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission announced today that they are teaming up for an inquiry into how security updates to smartphones and other mobile devices are rel

The broken world of mobile payments and how to fix it

It’s being predicted that by the end of this year, mobile payment transactions in the U.S. will grow 210 percent. Despite this impressive gain, it turns out that not everyone is taking advantage of

Apperian Opens APIs To Give Developers Piecemeal Access To Mobile App Management Platform

Apperian, the Boston-based company that offers mobile app management (MAM) as a service, announced today that it was exposing the different pieces of its platform as a set of open APIs. This will allo

Bluebox Now Offers Security Software For Consumer Facing Business Apps

Bluebox Security, the security software developer providing protection for mobile business applications, is extending its product offering to include consumer-facing apps as well. Now the company&#8

BlackBerry Goes Shopping Again, Buys Good Technology

BlackBerry pulled a surprise move this morning when it announced that it’s purchasing mobile device management vendor Good Technology for $425 million in cash. It signals that BlackBerry, which

Jolla Partners To Build Secure Version Of Its Sailfish Mobile OS

Another security-focused development in the European mobile space: Finnish mobile startup Jolla, which develops the Sailfish mobile OS and its own brand mobile hardware, has just announced it will be

Alibaba’s Ant Financial Takes Minority Stake In Security Software Maker V-Key To Beef Up Alipay

V-Key, a security software maker for mobile apps, has raised $12 million from Alibaba Group affiliate Ant Financial Services and IPV Capital, a venture capital firm based in China. The Series B round

Okta Catches SpydrSafe In Its Enterprise Web

Update: Okta has still not explicitly confirmed the acquisition of SpydrSafe, but its cofounder today retweeted our story about the sale after Okta unveiled a new Mobility Management service. Tha

AVG To Buy Family-Focused Mobile Security Company, Location Labs, In Deal Worth Up To $220M

Mobile security company Location Labs is being acquired by online security firm AVG in a deal worth up to $220 million. AVG said today it will pay around $140 million initially to buy Location Labs, p

Zimperium Raises $8M For Mobile Security That Turns The Tables On Attackers

Let's say you're at the airport, checking your email on your iPhone over the wifi. Well, you've already made your first mistake. You've trusted the airport network to be secure enough to protect you f

Cloud Security: Mobile Startup Lookout Gets $55M Led By Deutsche Telekom To Go Global & Target Enterprise

Mobile security company <a target="_blank" href="">Lookout</a> may be all about protecting user's devices and offering people more privacy, but today it's raising its own profi

Google Releases Fix For Major Android Flaw To OEMs, Users Now Waiting On Them To Patch

Google has released a fix to its Android OEMs for the master security hole unearthed by Bluebox Security, according to ZDNet. The publication gained confirmation from Google's Android Communications M

France Telecom Invests Up To $20M In Lookout, Preloads Its Mobile Security Solutions On To Android Handsets

<a target="_blank" href="">Lookout</a>, the mobile security company with ambitions to become the Symantec of the wireless world, is picking up a new backer, and and a major distr

Apple Buys Samsung’s Android Security Partner AuthenTec For $356M

Amid <a href="">fierce smartphone competition</a

Nomophobia Attacks! Lookout Says 74% Of Users Panic Over Phone Loss; 58% Of Us Can’t Stay Away From Mobiles For More Than An Hour

The swing to smartphones and more immersive experiences using apps is having a major knock-on effect with how mobile handsets now figure in our lives. The <a target="_blank" href="https://www.mylookou

Bluebox Raises $9.5M From Andreessen Horowitz & Others For A Stealthy, Disruptive Mobile Security Solution

San Francisco-based enterprise startup <a target="_blank" href="">Bluebox</a> has raised $9.5 million in a round led by <a target="_blank" href="
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