Google Cardboard

Virtual Reality Porn And The Future Of Loneliness

Welcome to the very-near future of porn. A few weeks back, a sex toy company called Lovense and a virtual reality porn company called VirtualRealPorn announced their collaboration. Soon, VirtualRealPo

Google And Mattel Revive The View-Master

Mattel’s venerable View-Master, the stereoscopic photo viewer so familiar to kids, is now using Google Cardboard Virtual Reality technology to bring life to those old 3D images. The View-Master

Vice News Offers Immersive Report On The ‘Millions March’ Protest Using VR

Virtual reality promises a lot of potential changes to the way we experience the world, but the ramifications it has for how we tell stories might be among the most interesting. Vice News is offering

TC Droidcast Episode 30: Cardboard VR, How Do You Wear Your Android Wear

This week, Google dropped so many updates today that we couldn’t help but talk about them, including new specs and software for the Google Cardboard smartphone-based VR program, and an updated v

Google Updates Its Cardboard VR App, Launches SDKs For Android And Unity

Google Cardboard was the big surprise of this year’s Google I/O, and Google today announced that more than 500,000 of these extremely minimalist, phone-based virtual reality viewers have shippe

If You Are Lazy Or Incompetent, Unofficial Cardboard Offers A Perfect Google Cardboard Clone

There's nothing that rankles me like a chance to try out some cool new tech squandered – and that's what happened at Google I/O this year. I managed to snag some face-on time with Google Cardboard,