Samsung’s budget flagship Galaxy S21 FE arrives next week, starting at $699

CES, in general, isn’t much of a phone show. That certainly applies to Samsung, which tends to save its big mobile news for Mobile World Congress, a month or two from now. Instead, the event is more

Samsung’s 2022 Smart TVs to support cloud gaming, video chat and even NFTs

Ahead of the official start of CES, Samsung today revealed its vision for its next generation of smart TVs that will include everything from cloud-based gaming services to video chat while watching TV

Let’s talk CES 2022 trends

I spent a chunk of yesterday morning rediscovering the big trends of CES 2012. It’s a strange experience, examining so much technology that feels — at once — extremely dated and very rec

Mercedes, BMW, more join list of companies opting-out of an in-person CES

Two more auto giants have added their names to the growing list of big companies opting out of an in-person CES with less than a week remaining before kickoff. Yesterday, Mercedes confirmed that it wo

The best tech of CES 2012

Consumer electronics are a bad metric for gauging the passage of time. And, frankly, Consumer Electronics Shows are considerably worse. I’ve attended well into the double digits of CES and have larg

Yukai Engineering’s cute stuffed animal robot will nibble on your finger

Yukai Engineering, the maker of the Qoobo robotic cat tail pillow, has revealed a soft robot that nibbles on a user’s fingertip. They hopes the "somewhat pleasing sensation" will brighten your day.

More companies bow out of in-person CES presence

The last few days have been fairly quiet, so far as CES is concerned — no doubt owing to the holiday. The last major dropout came from Microsoft, which confirmed on Christmas Eve it would no lon

Samsung’s C-Lab class features a diaper sensor, smart guitar and modular robot

A number of high-profile exhibitors are opting out of next year’s CES. Samsung is among those big names sticking it out for next week’s show — which always proves a good exhibition of the co

Movano targets an H2 2022 launch for its fitness ring

My first in-person experience with a fitness ring was back at CES 2017. Four years later, one wonders if they might be having a moment at next week’s show — in-person or no. The Motiv ring dem

Microsoft pulls in-person CES 2022 presence

GM, Google, Lenovo, Intel, T-Mobile, AT&T, Meta, Twitter, Amazon, TikTok, Pinterest and now Microsoft. The software giant just became the latest big name to announce that it will no long be attend

GM is also dropping its CES exhibit, organizers still planning in-person show

Update: CTA head Gary Shapiro has offered TechCrunch the following updated statement,  Over 2200 companies are confirmed to participate in person at CES 2022 in Las Vegas. Our focus remains on conven

Google cancels CES in-person presence, event organizers going ahead with show

Update: CTA head Gary Shapiro has offered TechCrunch the following updated statement,  Over 2200 companies are confirmed to participate in person at CES 2022 in Las Vegas. Our focus remains on conven

Intel becomes the latest company to back away from an in-person CES

Following today’s news that Lenovo and Alphabet-owned Waymo are sitting out the in-person element of CES 2022, Intel just announced that it’s moving to “minimize” its presence at the tech show

Lenovo to ‘suspend’ in-person CES activities as more exhibitors embrace omicron caution

Update: Waymo has officially added its name to the list, become one of the first notable automotive companies to do so. In a blogpost, the Alphabet subsidiary noted, “Based on quickly rising COV

As exhibitors mull attendance amid omicron, CES organizers stand firm

It’s beginning to look a bit like MWC. Of course, things have thus far played out a bit differently than Mobile World Congress’s planned show in Barcelona back in 2020. There are clear reasons for

TechCrunch wants to meet your startup at CES 2022

After a year away, we’re less than a month out from the next CES. Seeing as how it’s a hybrid event (as, we assume, most events will be, going forward), TechCrunch is taking a hybrid approach to t

CES will return to Las Vegas in 2022

It was, I admit, slightly strange not feeling the extreme anxiety over the holidays at having to return to Las Vegas this past year. But nature is healing. Vaccinations have begun rolling out in much

Can the tech trade show return in 2021?

The past year has been a devastating one for the conference industry. It’s certainly an issue we’ve grappled with here at TechCrunch, as we’ve worked to move our programming to a virtual setting

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review: Camera refinements are nice, but the price drop’s the thing

The Galaxy S21 is a tank. It’s a big, heavy (8.04 ounces versus its predecessor’s 7.7), blunt instrument of a phone. It’s quintessential Samsung, really — the handset you purchase when too

Reflections on the first all-virtual CES

I’ve spent more time than I care to mention over the last several years wondering aloud about the value of in-person trade shows. There’s something seemingly antiquated in the idea of jamming a bu
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