Apple Would Like You To Know People Think The iPhone’s Camera Is Awesome

Apple has never led market share in worldwide phone sales. Ever. And yet, the iPhone has held the (according to Flickr) title of world’s most popular camera for years. Today, Apple is capitalizin

Canon 5DS Leaked Specs Reveal A High Megapixel DSLR Geared For Color Accuracy

Canon’s announcing a new pro-level DSLR camera next week, according to CanonRumors, and now specs have leaked that reveal what we can expect. The 5DS (and 5DS R, a variant with the low pass filt

Canon Launches A DSLR Built For Speed And A Competitor For Sony’s RX-100

Canon has a slew of new gear out launching today, but among those the most noteworthy are its new 1-inch sensor compact camera, which will go head-to-head with Sony’s RX-100 series, and the new

Canon Buys Milestone Systems To Build Its Video Surveillance Business

Some consolidation afoot in the world of enterprise video. Imaging giant Canon is buying Milestone Systems, a startup from Denmark that has developed software for video surveillance systems. Terms of

Canon’s Long-Awaited EOS M2 Hopes To Improve On Canon’s First Mirrorless With Improved AF

Canon's first kick at the mirrorless market was without question a disappointing debut: The EOS M first launched in 2012, and was a let-down mostly because of its incredibly sluggish autofocus, as wel

Canon’s New 70D DSLR Beefs Up Autofocus, Could Be An Indie Filmmaker’s Dream Camera

Canon has just revealed its long-awaited 70D DSLR, the successor to the 60D. The 70D fits above the Rebel line in terms of price and specs in Canon's interchangeable lens camera catalogue, and this ne

Canon’s New Full-Frame Video Sensor Can Shoot Clear HD Footage In Exceptionally Low Light

Canon today announced the successful creation of a new full-frame CMOS sensor, designed exclusively for shooting video. The new sensor can capture full-HD video with extremely low noise in settings wh

This Bluetooth Smart Trigger Turns Your iPhone Into A Canon DSLR Remote And Intervalometer

If you're into DSLR photography, remotely controlling the thing is a pretty common want for new users and seasoned veterans alike. Satechi's BT Smart Trigger is a remote that works with a range of Can

Canon Launching Its MREAL Headset March 1st, Will Allow Designers To Prototype Using Augmented Reality

Canon announced the launch of its MREAL system for "mixed reality" today, which includes a head-mounted display that allows wearers to combine virtual objects with the real world in 3D, which essentia

Hands-On With Canon’s PowerShot N: A Compact Camera That Does Instagram One Better

Canon had a number of new cameras on display at CES 2013 this year, but the most noteworthy of all was the PowerShot N, a new ultracompact shooter that's only about 3 inches by 2 and half, and only 1.

Canon Debuts New Powershot Series That Paves The Way For Compact Cameras

Canon unveiled a host of new Powershot cameras at CES 2012, including the diminutive new Powershot N, a camera with lots of personality packed into an extremely small frame. The new Powershot N is a s

Hands On With The Canon 6D, An Affordable Full-Frame With Wi-Fi On Board

Besides spending some time with the Canon EOS M, I also got to test out the Canon 6D, a new full-frame offering from the camera-maker that's set to arrive later this year. The $2,099 DSLR lowers the b

Panasonic And Canon Factories Are Attacked By Chinese Demonstrators, Suspend Operations

Aggressive demonstrations in and near Panasonic's and Canon's Chinese factories have forced the companies to temporarily suspend operations. According to the French news agency AFP, demonstrators are

Canon’s New Full-Frame 6D: The Beginning Of The End For APS-C At $2099

Canon unveiled a new entry in its DSLR lineup this morning, the full-frame Canon 6D which arrives sometime in December. The camera is priced at $2,099 U.S., at or slightly above where its previous gen

Canon Boosts Specs, LCD, And Price Of Its G Series With New G1X

The last iteration of Canon's compact rangefinder-esque series of cameras, the <a href="">G12</a>, wasn't particularly comp

Canon Goes All In On EOS With C300 Digital Cinema System, New DSLR

In this evening of dueling announcements (RED announced their compact high-res camera system tonight as well), Canon has shown that it's serious in the area of digital cinema with its new Cinema EOS s

Canon Officially Unveils The Pixma Pro-1 Photo Printer

At a media even in the Big Apple, Canon today announced its latest flagship photo printer, the Pixma Pro-1. According to Canon, the Pixma Pro-1 is the world's first A3+ printer to boast 12 separate i

Canon’s New Professional 1D X Goes Full Frame, Improves Video

Canon has just announced the next version of their flagship 1D series of professional DSLRs, the EOS-1D X. It's faster and better in just about every way, and few of you will be lucky enough to use on

Canon To Bring Smooth Aperture Adjustment Rings To DSLRs?

If you've been in <a href="">photography </a>for more than ten years, you probably remember the way things used to be on old film cameras. There was no el

Canon Gets In On The AirPrint Fun, Allows For iOS Printing On A Three Printers

AirPrint allows for iOS printing on a select number of HP printers. Well, that list just got a little more competitive thanks to a Canon. This marks the first non-HP option for AirPrint. Previously, u
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