Apple vs. FBI

Conflict between Apple and the FBI started 18 months ago with the release of iOS 8, says Bloomberg

While Apple and the FBI are about to <a href="">fight in c

11 TechCrunch stories you don’t want to miss this week

From self-tying shoes and an algorithmic feed on Instagram to Playstation VR and Spoonrocket shutting down, here are eleven stories you don't want to miss this week.

How the ‘wonks’ of public policy and the ‘geeks’ of tech can get together

Technology innovates and disrupts, while public policy regulates and controls -- at least according to conventional wisdom. The skirmish between Apple and the FBI is a prime example: Apple is refusing

Apple: ‘Government misunderstands the technology’ involved in demanding they decrypt an iPhone

On March 22nd, Apple and the FBI will head to federal court to determine whether or not the government can force Apple to open up an otherwise deeply-encrypted iPhone used by terrorist Syed Rizwan Far

John Oliver dives into the iPhone FBI encryption debate

If you were hoping that John Oliver would do a deep dive on the iPhone encryption debate: good news. Today's the day.

The two misconceptions dominating the encryption debate

When vulnerability is injected into technology used worldwide, it becomes everyone’s liability.

Why Apple is right to resist the FBI

The FBI wants Apple to do something no private company has ever been forced to do: break its own technology. Specifically, the FBI wants Apple to build a new version of its mobile operating system (iO

Obama: ‘We don’t want government to look into everyone’s phones willy-nilly’

Encryption with a backdoor accessible to very few in important situations is what President Barack Obama says he suspects is the answer to the digital privacy versus security debate. That contradicts

U.S. Attorney General defends FBI case against Apple on Stephen Colbert’s show

As the iPhone unlocking case becomes more heated, United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch went on late night television to defend the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s stance.

Apple and the Justice Department enter the ‘open hostilities’ phase of iPhone unlocking case

A 43-page rebuttal from the Justice Department today characterized Apple’s earlier response to an iPhone unlocking request as “corrosive.” Shortly thereafter, an Apple press conferen

Justice Department appeals pro-Apple decision in New York iPhone case

Authorities in New York have taken the first step to appealing a judge's ruling last month that denied a request for information held on an iPhone.

Apple vs FBI: Lavabit warns FBI’s “extraordinary” action may drive US businesses offshore

Lavabit, the former encrypted email provider that shut down its service in 2013 after the FBI demanded its encryption keys, has filed an amicus brief in support of Apple in its legal battle with the a

Apple head of software engineering says FBI’s demands compromise the safety of all iOS users

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering (and one of its most popular WWDC presenters) says the FBI’s demands on the company will make all iOS users more vulnerable t

Apple’s best defense against the FBI is the one it can’t share publicly

With Apple vowing to resist the FBI’s demands for an iPhone backdoor in the San Bernardino case all the way to the Supreme Court, many people assume the company is motivated purely out of principle

FBI forcing Apple to weaken iOS security could endanger lives, warns UN

The legal tussle between Apple and the FBI over a locked iPhone, and the security weakening measures the security services want the iOS maker to take to help it extract data on the device, has now att

Amazon confirms it has dropped device encryption support for Fire tablets

Amazon has confirmed that version 5 of Fire OS for its Fire tablet removes support for device encryption.

San Bernardino DA claims Syed Farouk’s iPhone may house ‘cyber pathogen’

On Thursday, the San Bernardino District Attorney speculated that the phone in question may be housing a "dormant cyber pathogen" that threatens the county. The DA's comment represents the first time

Former heads of NSA and Homeland Security unlikely Apple supporters in encryption battle

At a panel discussion today at the RSA conference in San Francisco, Apple found two unlikely allies when the former heads of the NSA and Homeland Security threw their support behind encryption techno

Box, Google, Facebook, Microsoft come out in support of Apple in amicus brief

In the latest sign of support for Apple’s ongoing security legal battle, Box, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and other tech behemoths have filed an amicus brief, meaning that they have aligned interes

Microsoft’s Brad Smith stands with Apple while passionately defending encryption

Brad Smith, Microsoft's president and chief legal officer, gave a passionate defense of encryption today, saying his company stood with Apple in its legal battle with the FBI. He made his remarks duri
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