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Red Hat’s OpenShift Adds Full Java Lifecycle Offering

Red Hat's OpenShift platform as a service offering has been in public beta for a while now. It offers a fairly simple way for people to jumpstart "cloud" development efforts by abstracting out all the

Ubuntu Developer Summit Kicks Off, Mark Shuttleworth Shares Plans for Ubuntu 12.04 and Beyond

The Ubuntu Developer Summit, starting today in Florida, is a gathering of Canonical employees, industry partners and Ubuntu community members to "define the focus and plans for [the] up-coming versio

Linux Foundation, Canonical and Red Hat Weigh In On Secure Boot

There's been some hubbub lately about Secure Boot, a hardware-verified, malware-free operating system bootstrap process that aims to improve the overall security of computers. Part of the UEFI specifi

Linux Foundation Announces Long Term Support Initiative for CE Manufacturers

The <a href="">Linux Foundation</a> is rocking out in Prague this week and they've got some interesting news to share. In addition to adding five new

Vodafone and Canonical Release a Webbook in South Africa

Vodaphone and Canonical today announced the Vodacom "Webbook", the fruit of a joint effort to develop a low-cost mobile computing solution for South Africa. Most of the specs are about what you'd expe

Doxie Go: Wireless Scanner (mostly) Cuts the Cord

<a href="">Doxie</a>, the cute but functional document scanner, last made waves with its ability to send scanned items to Evernote, Dropbox, or your iPhone. Tha

The Linux Foundation Announces First Ever Automotive Linux Summit

The <a href="">Linux Foundation</a> announced today the first ever Automotive Linux Summit. Taking place in Japan on November 28, 2011, it will be an

The World Welcomes Oneiric Ocelot: Ubuntu 11.10

The <a href="">Ubuntu</a> Linux distribution has come a long way since it's first release in 2004. It started out as a nicely packaged Linux desktop, built fro

LibreOffice and One Year After the Schism

When I first started using Linux, way back in the last century, one of the biggest challenges was the lack of a decent productivity suite of the sort to which every Windows user is accustomed. The onl

Eucalyptus Systems, Nebula and Virtual Bridges Join Linux Foundation

The <a href="">Linux Foundation</a>, the non-profit organization dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux, is adding three new companies to its mem

Canonical Releases Windows Version of Ubuntu One

<a href="">Canonical</a>, the commercial backer behind the <a href="">Ubuntu</a> Linux distribution, have been host

LinuxCon: Open Source is an Ecosystem, not a Zero Sum Game

Linux and open source development is not a zero sum game. This was the explicit message from Ubuntu Technical Architect Allison Randal's keynote speech at LinuxCon, but the sentiment had been articula

LinuxCon: All About Clouds

Almost every single keynote at LinuxCon, and certainly every private conversation I had with folks here, involved "cloud" in some way. As Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst observed in his keynote, there's no

Red Hat CEO At LinuxCon: I Have No Idea What’s Next

Jim Whitehurst, CEO of Red Hat, just delivered a terrific opening keynote presentation for LinuxCon. Whitehurst isn't just a businessman, he's also a geek. He used Linux and open source before joining

Infographic: Linux Then and Now

Following up on yesterday’s 20 Years of Linux, the Linux Foundation is releasing today an infographic highlighting some of the remarkable changes in Linux and the larger computer industry over t

Jim Zemlin on 20 Years of Linux

Jim Zemlin, executive director of the non-profit <a href="">Linux Foundation</a>, has been using Linux for about as long as I have, which is roughly

Review: The Cask Widge

Happy <a href="">International Beer Day</a>! I just finished celebrating by brewing ten gallons of smoked stout, and I'm looking forward to a draught of blonde ale

Shocked By News Corp Phone Hacking Revelations? Please. [TCTV]

<blockquote><strong>Rick:</strong> "How can you close me up? On what grounds?" <strong>Captain Renault:</strong> "I'm shocked - shocked! - to find that gambling is going on in here!" <strong>Croupie

Review: Sony SMP-N100 Streaming Media Player

The Sony SMP-N100 is Sony's addition to the media streaming device market. It's a small, unobtrusive device that doesn't attract any attention to itself. It supports Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Video O

Toyota Joins Linux Foundation

<img src="" /> The <a href="">Linux Foundation</a>, the nonprofit consortium dedicated
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