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Gregory Ferenstein is a San Francisco-based writer and teaches math for journalists through the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas. He is the publisher of The Ferenstein Wire.

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Russia Blocks Ukrainian Activists Websites For Encouraging “Terrorist Activity”

As Russia continues its military intervention into the revolution-rocked Ukraine, authorities are now blocking 13 activist websites on the Russian social media network, VKontakte. The Russian Prosecut

Study: Massive Online Courses Enroll An Average Of 43,000 Students, 10% Completion

Massively Open Online Courses are becoming more mainstream, as more top-tier universities give the public access to their courses. A new study demonstrates continued wide-spread popularity with part-t

Researchers Find That Twitter Can Locate HIV Outbreaks

Researchers have found that Twitter is a surprisingly useful tool for locating HIV outbreaks. “This study provides the first set of evidence for how real-time social media data might be used for

Britain Will Reportedly Scrap 20% Tax on Bitcoin

British authorities have plans to scrap a 20% “value-added tax” on Bitcoins, bringing regulation of the controversial crypto-currency in line with the way it treats other currencies. &#822

Thoreau Warned Us About Ellen’s Oscar Selfie

Since the very beginnings of electronic communication, we were warned about the light-speed cultural wasteland we were stringing together. When Henry David Thoreau first heard about the telegraph, he

Google Loses Emergency Bid To Keep “Innocence Of Muslims” Film Online

Google <a target="_blank" href="">lost a bid</a> to keep the controversi

TSA Reportedly Demands To Inspect Man’s Luggage For Bitcoin [Updated]

Davi Baker wasn't quite sure how to comply with <a target="_blank" href="">the TSA's demands to inspect his bags for Bitcoin</a>. Baker had f

76% Of American Internet Users Think The Internet Has Been Good For Society

The vast majority of Americans now use the Internet (87 percent); nearly half would find it “very hard or impossible” to give it up (46 percent), and an overwhelming percentage think it&

Senator Warns Unregulated Bitcoin Leaves Americans Holding A “Valueless Currency”

Senator Joe Manchin is calling for either strict regulation or an outright ban on the controversial digital currency Bitcoin. He argues in a letter to the Federal Reserve [PDF], that as countries such

Google Announces An Online Data Interpretation Class For The General Public

Google has launched its own Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to teach the general public how to understand surveys, research, and data. Called "Making Sense of Data" and running from March 18 to Apri

Google Lobbying To Block Distracted Driving Laws Against Glass

Google is swinging its hefty lobbying power at state lawmakers who could ban Glass while driving. Google is lobbying officials in at least three U.S. states (Illinois, Delaware and Missouri) to stop p

Paramount Afraid Tweeted Stills Of ‘Top Gun’ Compete With Actual Movie

Clever Twitter user @555uhz delighted their followers by tweeting the entire Top Gun film through subtitled still frames, at a rate of about 2 frames an hour. The account’s roughly 5,200 follow

Google’s Eric Schmidt Will Give $1 Million In Tech-For-Good Grants

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt said he is donating $1 million to help solve global problems through technology. “I think I should put my money where my mouth is,” Schmidt told CBS, in a prom

Report: NSA Bugged Top German Officials After Obama Ordered Cease Of Spying On Chancellor

The National Security Agency has reportedly been surveilling senior German officials after it was ordered by President Obama to cease spying on Chancellor Angela Merkel. The report comes from German p

Netflix Reaches Direct Access Deal With Comcast [Updated]

[Update: Our initial take on the Netflix-Comcast agreement was called to task for implying that it would change how net neutrality would be applied to common infrastructure. As Dan Rayburn explained,

A New Poll Showing Why Immigration Reform Probably Won’t Pass This Year

A new poll of Republican voters in Iowa shows why the technology industry may fail to get immigration reform – its top political goal – passed by Congress. The poll shows that 53% of Repub

Plan To Make Silicon Valley Its Own State Gets Green Light To Collect Votes

Back when we first found out about investor Tim Draper's plan to break California into six different states (including one for Silicon Valley), we weren't sure how far the unlikely plan would go. But,

Facebook Investor Peter Thiel Calls Technology A “Scapegoat” For Inequality

Early Facebook investor and noted Silicon Valley libertarian Peter Thiel thinks that too many Americans have mistakenly blamed technology for rising inequality. "Technology is an easy scapegoat," he a

Women Outnumber Men For The First Time In Berkeley’s Intro To Computer Science Course

For the first time in its history, Berkeley saw an introductory computer science course with predominantly female students – 106 women vs. 104 men. This slight turnaround signals a promising tre

White House Unveils Patent Protections, Including Crowdsourcing, To Help Find Prior Claims

The White House isn't waiting for Congress to enact new intellectual property laws. President Obama has made good on his promise to go after so-called "patent trolls," businesses that hoard legal owne
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