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Before he joined TechCrunch in 2012, he founded SiliconFilter and wrote for ReadWriteWeb (now ReadWrite). Frederic covers enterprise, cloud, developer tools, Google, Microsoft, gadgets, transportation and anything else he finds interesting. He owns just over a 50th of a bitcoin.

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Adobe brings product analytics to its Experience Cloud

Adobe today announced the launch of a new analytics solution for product teams at its Adobe Summit conference in Las Vegas. Dubbed Adobe Product Analytics (because Adobe doesn’t mess around with

Microsoft brings OpenAI’s DALL-E image creator to the new Bing

Microsoft today announced that its new AI-enabled Bing will now allow users to generate images with Bing Chat. This new feature is powered by DALL-E, OpenAI’s generative image generator. The com

Aembit raises $16.6M to bring identity management to workloads

Aembit, a Maryland-based security startup that focuses on helping DevOps and security teams manage how federated workloads talk to each other, is officially launching its service today and announcing

Numbers Station raises $17.5M to bring AI to your data stack

When you think of foundation models and what they can accomplish, chances are you are thinking of text and image creation. Numbers Station, however, is taking these models in a very different directio

Microsoft’s new Power Platform AI Copilot will build your apps for you

At its virtual “Future of Work” event, Microsoft today announced the launch of an AI copilot — and make no mistake, Microsoft is all-in on using this “copilot” metaphor a

Warp brings an AI bot to its terminal

Warp, a fast-growing startup that is working on building a better terminal, today announced that it has added a new chat feature (unsurprisingly based on ChatGPT) that will help its users with using t

IT-as-a-Service startup Deeploi raises €3M

Deeploi, a Germany-based startup that is building an IT-as-a-service platform, today announced that it has raised a €3 million seed funding round led by Berlin’s Cherry Ventures, with particip

Grafana acquires Pyroscope and merges it with its Phlare continuous profiling database

Open source observability platform Grafana Labs today announced that it has acquired Pyroscope, the company behind the eponymous open source continuous profiling platform. Founded in 2020, the Y Combi

Microsoft’s new Bing was using GPT-4 all along

When Microsoft announced the new AI-enabled Bing, which it built on top of OpenAI’s GPT models, neither company would confirm which version of GPT was being used beyond saying it was a next-gen

Google goes all-in on bringing AI to Workspace

Google and Microsoft are locked in a head-to-head competition to bring as much generative AI to their productivity services as possible. Only days ahead of Microsoft’s “Future of Work&#822

Google Cloud gives developers access to its foundation models

Google Cloud today announced a slew of new AI-powered features for its productivity tools, but the company also today launched a set of new APIs and tools for developers that are just as interesting &

Loft makes working with virtualized Kubernetes clusters easier

Loft Labs helps developers — and the businesses that employ them — more efficiently use their Kubernetes clusters by virtualizing Kubernetes itself. This makes it easier to share a single

Project management service Zenhub raises $10M as it goes beyond GitHub

Zenhub got its start in 2014 as a project management service for developers that was deeply integrated with GitHub. While the company has expanded its feature set over the years, users always needed a

QuantWare raises €6M to scale its quantum processor business

QuantWare, the Dutch startup that builds quantum processors for research and commercial usage, today announced that it has raised a €6 million seed round (that’s about $6.33 million) led by Du

Google’s new developer preview of Android 14 focuses on privacy and security

Google’s Android release cadence for Android has become a familiar annual ritual. A month ago, the company launched the first developer preview of Android 14 and now, a month later, here is the

Microsoft makes it easier to integrate quantum and classical computing

By default, every quantum computer is going to be a hybrid that combines quantum and classical compute. Microsoft estimates that a quantum computer that will be able to help solve some of the world&#8

Vantage raises $21M Series A to help bring down cloud costs

Vantage, a startup that helps businesses better understand their cloud infrastructure spend (and automate their savings), today announced that it has raised a $21 million Series A funding round led by

Hailo’s new AI chips bring more image processing power to the edge

Hailo, the well-funded Tel Aviv-based AI chipmaker, today announced the launch of its latest processor family: the Hailo-15H, M and L SoCs. Like its predecessor, the Hailo-8, the company designed thes

Atlassian cuts 5% of its workforce

Atlassian, the company behind tools like Jira, Confluence and Trello, today announced that, after a reorg a month ago, it is now laying off about 500 employees. That’s about 5% of its total work

Honeycomb’s yoke and throttle let you take your flight sim experience to the next level

When Microsoft, after a decade-long hiatus, relaunched its now 40-year-old Flight Simulator series in 2020, it reignited interest in a genre that had long been a mainstay of PC gaming. It’s one
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