Announcing the TC Spotlight Austin Pitch-Off startups

Today, TechCrunch is hosting TC Spotlight: Austin — a virtual event highlighting the innovation, investment and entrepreneurship in the region. The first part of the event will feature panels highlighting the successes and challenges facing the massive tech scene. In true TechCrunch fashion, part two is a pitch-off with an amazing group of of founders from the Texas region. Register here for free.

The pitch-off is split into two segments. Each company will pitch for four minutes followed by a Q&A with our expert panel of judges:

We know you are excited to see who has made it. Tune in at 3:10 pm local time (1:10 pm PT), to watch the TC Spotlight Austin Pitch-Off. Without further ado, here are the companies presenting in the pitch-off:

  • FabuLingua – Story-based language acquisition for children
  • knowRX Health – Providing inclusive data for pharmaceutical development
  • Vertikal X – A platform for athletes to monetize off performance development

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