Extra Crunch members save money with Partner Perks and event discounts

Last fall we launched a series of new benefits for annual and two-year Extra Crunch members. Called Partner Perks, the idea with the program was to find products or services that could benefit our readers, and then collaborate with the makers of the products to offer discounts to our members. Because many of our members are building companies from scratch on tight budgets, we felt that the Partner Perks program would be a great way for our community to save a few bucks on products and services that are in high demand.

Now we are making it easier for readers to find and use the Partner Perks by parking everything on a single page on the site (this one). Feel free to browse the offerings and claim the discounts. If you are already a subscriber, this is a great page to bookmark for future reference.

Here’s a full list of the Partner Perks and how to claim each deal.