Netflix on the Razer Phone is getting HDR and Dolby 5.1 audio

Just a quickie out of CES for anyone out there carrying a Razer phone: your Netflix app is about to get a rather snazzy feature that most devices don’t have. Later this month, Netflix on the Razer phone will support HDR10 video and Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 audio.

Do you need 5.1 audio support on a phone with two speakers? Maybe not. But it’s there! And if you find yourself hooking up your phone to a 5.1 system from time to time, you’ll appreciate it.

The addition of HDR support, meanwhile, is pretty notable — it’s not the first phone to get it, but it’s joining a pretty short list. According to Netflix’s support pages, only the LG V30, Galaxy Note 8, Xperia XZ/XZ1, and iPhone 8 and X offered it before today.

Existing Razer phones will get the Netflix update “later this month”, after which point it’ll ship out of the box on all new Razer phones.