Watch SpaceX’s Intelsat 35e launch live right here

SpaceX has another window to attempt its Intelsat 35e launch today starting at 7:38 PM EDT (4:28 PM PDT). This is the third attempt for the launch for client Intelsat, after it was aborted once on July 2 and then again on July 3, due to automated countdown clock stoppage with 10 seconds remaining prior to launch.

SpaceX took July 4 to fully investigate the cause and review its systems, and it is now aiming to launch today during a window that will last 58 minutes. Depending on weather conditions, the launch could take place at any time during that window, but SpaceX will target the window’s opening as its first launch opportunity.

The original scrub for the mission occurred because SpaceX’s computer system detected a potential issue with its Falcon 9’s guidance platform. SpaceX said that this was something that ended up being totally fine in the rocket itself, and said it had corrected the issue by adjusting its computer failsafe. Specifics around the cause of the second abort weren’t immediately made available.

The launch webcast should begin above around 10 minutes prior to the opening of the launch window, so at around 7:28 PM EDT (4:28 PM PDT). Check back then to see if the third time’s the charm for SpaceX’s third launch in under two weeks.