Equity podcast: Blue Apron files for IPO and Uber tells us how much money it’s losing

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s premier venture capital-focused podcast.

This week the News Gods disbursed unto the crew a juicy morsel: Blue Apron filed to go public minutes before we sat down to chew over what’s been happening. As you can imagine, it took up a chunk of our time.

But no episode of Equity is complete without our own Katie Roof, Matthew Lynley, myself — Alex Wilhelm — and a fresh victim, or guest, depending on your perspective. This week Ted Smith, an M&A banker and co-founder of Union Square Advisors, sat with us to dive into the news, and try to figure out what the hell is going on with Travis and company.

Yes, we took a dive into the recently disclosed Uber financials, which showed booming bookings, quick revenue growth, and persistently staggering — albeit partially diminished — adjusted losses.

All that and we still had a minute of time to take a gossip at the U.S. M&A market and what we might anticipate for the rest of 2017. Hint: dollars.

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