Watch Pitch@Palace 6.0 Demo Day here

TechCrunch is pleased to bring you the Pitch@Palace 6.0 Demo Day, live from St. James’s Palace, starting at 5:30pm BST, 9:30am PT.

Established by The Duke of YorkPitch@Palace offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their business in front of an audience of influencers. For those of you following along, the 12 entrepreneurs pitching in today’s event were selected from the Palace’s 42 BootCamp participants. Each team will give a 3-minute pitch articulating their idea and their ask of the audience.

Investors and press have to be there to hear the pitches, but you can tune in from the comfort of your own home.

(In order of appearance)

Drenched – Drenched has invented a product for taps that allows users to wash their hands with only two tablespoons of water and removes the need to heat it.

Mobile Power – Mobile Power’s aim is to provide clean, affordable energy to the off-grid market in Africa, particularly the half a billion mobile phone users living off-grid.

Senergy Innovations – Senergy Innovations is bringing to market the world’s first nanocomposite solar thermal panels, which will deliver affordable solar heating and cooling.

Pzizz – Sleep at the push of a button! Pzizz’s iOS and Android apps will help you fall asleep fast, stay asleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

3D Industries – Advanced “spatial intelligence engine” that recognises and matches shapes and forms, enabling shape-based 3D search, 3D commerce and 3D advertising.

WaveOptics – WaveOptics enables augmented reality. Its pioneering waveguide tech solves the challenges of performance, wearability and scalability, bringing AR to the masses.

OfferMoments – OfferMoments is producing the world’s first billboard that knows exactly who is walking toward it and can dynamically generate a personalised advert in real time.

Flock – Flock is big data-driven artificial intelligence software for drone-flight risk reduction. It makes drones safe and smart.

Codec – Codec puts audiences at the centre of creative decisions, using AI to show content an audience wants a brand or publisher to make, before they make it.

Prison Voicemail – A social venture using technology to improve communication between prisoners and their families through the exchange of regular voicemails.

DoodleMaths – DoodleMaths is a tablet-based, adaptive and intuitive maths learning programme for students ages 4-14. Progress and motivation grow in just 10 minutes a day.

JumPack – Introducing JumPack, the world’s first truly portable extreme sports ramp.
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