Mercedes is working with Microsoft to make your commute more productive

At IFA 2016 in Berlin, Mercedes-Benz announced a new project called ‘In Car Office’ to incorporate more smart productivity features into your ride. The features are going to go live in Mercedes vehicles during the first half of next year, and will add Microsoft Exchange support, for one, letting your work calendar, to-do list and contacts help your vehicle offer up suggestions about destinations, calls to make and more.

The In Car Office feature obviously isn’t intended to turn your vehicle into a mobile workstation so much as it’s designed to help you more easily accomplish work-related tasks you’d probably field on-the-go anyway.

Mercedes’ In Car Office features will do things like pre-populate the navigation system with destination from your Exchange calendar, and also provide notifications offering to make calls using the in-car voice call system when you have upcoming meetings marked on your calendar. It definitely sounds like something that could lessen distraction and minimize manual input required for tasks that people already (unsafely) try to tackle during longer commutes or road trips during business hours.