INNOVATE2016: David Hornik On Silicon Valley’s “Venture Socialism” And The Role Of Reguation

For somebody who proudly identifies himself as a “venture socialist”, August Capital general partner David Hornik certainly has a lot of faith in the free market.

It’s the real solution to most of our current economic problems, Hornik believes, particularly in the way in which Silicon Valley experimentation can educate the rest of the economy.

But Hornik is no Silicon Valley libertarian. Indeed, he thinks that regulation has an important role in tempering some of the more traumatic consequences of disruption — especially in the sharing economy.-

It’s all too easy to stereotype all venture capitalists as selfish, uncaring libertarians. So Hornik’s venture socialism is reassuring. It shows that, even in Silicon Valley, political idealism still exists. Perhaps Bernie Sanders should spend more time here.

Thanks to the AT&T Foundry for hosting this interview. And thanks again to CALinnovates for producing the video.