TIEMAC Is a SaaS Platform For The Trucking Industry

For an industry generating $650 billion a year in revenue, its surprising how little innovation there is in the trucking business. Launched at last year’s TC Atlanta Meetup, TIEMAC is trying to buck this trend with its end-to-end cloud-based solution for trucking companies.

The platform offers real-time tracking technology that allows a trucking company to track and monitor every aspect of its fleet.

This is accomplished by connecting a GPS and LTE-enabled diagnostic device to the truck’s CAN-Bus port. Data is then collected and sent to the cloud, allowing trucking companies to remotely monitor and manages vehicle loads and drivers, as well as automatically performs invoicing and cost control.

The company’s software solution comprises of different modules that monitor things like load and dispatch, invoice management, driver management, and more. When combined, these modules allow trucking companies to essentially monitor every aspect of the business.

Access to these modules is especially helpful to smaller fleets (100 trucks or smaller), that can’t afford to develop their own in-house solutions, like larger trucking companies can. TIEMAC’s solution is designed for these smaller fleets, which the company says makes up more than 98 percent of the trucking industry in the United States.

Interestingly, TIEMAC also operates its own fleet of trucks that use the technology, which the company uses as a operational R&D department.

The company, which has raised $1M to date, also has a development and investment partnership with Microsoft, which has resulted in TIEMAC being bundled as a free service into Microsoft Office 365.