CrunchWeek: WSJ Vs. Theranos, Square’s IPO, And Twitter’s ‘Streamline’

Knock. Knock.

Who’s there?


OK, fine…it wasn’t funny.

Welcome to another episode of CrunchWeek, TechCrunch’s weekly roundup show where we talk the biggest things in tech.

This week we’re chatting about Theranos’ impending battle with the FDA, Square going for the IPO, Twitter laying off some staff and Ballmer becomes a fan (but not of my impersonation of him). Also, Megan decided she was too cool to wear a blazer. Pshhh.

As the Microsoft-SurfaceBook-Loving-Ballmer-Fan-Club-Founding Alex says: It’s Friday, it’s CrunchWeek, it’s time to throw down and talk some smack. Hit play, and we’ll see you all right back here in 7 days.