HelloFresh Is Delivering 4 Million Meals Per Month

HelloFresh has just shared that it is now selling 4 million meals per month.

The company says that this is more than the company sold in the entire first half of 2014 combined.

HelloFresh is a food delivery service that competes directly with Blue Apron and Plated, delivering pre-portioned and planned meals at your door each week for you to cook. The space is so hot right now, with Blue Apron valued at $2 billion for its next round of financing, according to the WSJ.

For context, Blue Apron said that it was delivering 2 million meals per month, which tracks at $20 million in monthly sales.

It’s difficult to directly track HelloFresh revenue given that it operates in various markets across the globe, with pricing differing based not only on location but the type of food, from regular to veggie to fruit box.

HelloFresh first launched out of Berlin back in 2011, founded by Jessica Nilsson, Thomas Griesel and Dominik Richter. The company has raised a total of $193.5 million in funding since launch, and is currently shipping across the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Austria, Australia, Germany, and Belgium.

HelloFresh has more than 15,000 recipes in its database, with more being added every week.

Colleen Taylor spoke with US CEO, Seth Goldmen, about growth and how HelloFresh tailors their menu by region to accommodate local tastes at Disrupt NY last week.