Here’s Where To Watch Microsoft’s Windows 10 Event

Microsoft is going to unveil the future of Windows today. But you can’t watch it on TechCrunch, because Microsoft isn’t letting anyone embed the stream, but you can watch it if you head here.

The event is notable not merely because it will show off the consumer and mobile pieces of the Windows 10 project, but also because it is a slight against the recent CES conference — Microsoft was a keynote CES participant for years and years, until it wasn’t, and companies like Qualcomm and Samsung took its slot.

Having its Windows 10 event so quickly following the CES confab is Microsoft’s way of saying that it can do just fine on its own, thank you. CES is infamous for long lines, short tempers, odd weather, and keynotes about processors that no one really understands. This time, Microsoft is setting its own cadence.

Windows 10 has big shoes to fill — if the company cannot make a compelling pitch to developers, the key weakness of its ecosystem will persist. Apple and Google are current leaders in controlling developer sentiment, just as Windows 8 and Windows Phone are infamous for lacking it.

So, it’s an important day for Microsoft. Peep the link and check TechCrunch throughout the day for more.