Blog So Hard MotherF’ers Wanna Distribute Premium Digital Content, Connect With Advertisers, And Engage With An Audience At Scale

So I’m currently hanging out in the AOL offices here in London, prepping for Disrupt. To their credit, the AOL and Huffington Post crew have been great. I have a nice desk, a coffee machine nearby, and even a can of cold Coke to drink.

Sitting at this fine desk, however, I ran into a bit of sticker shock. Observe:


(In case you can’t read the sticker, as you are on a mobile device, it┬áreads: “AOL Europe creates and distributes premium digital content, connecting advertisers with engaged audiences at scale.”)

You can’t make that up. It’s literally stuck to your monitor.

Oh, and while writing this someone offered to give me a ‘chair massage.’ It’s just like Vegas, but you can’t smoke inside.