The Road To Disrupt: Bitcovery And Hammer & Chisel

On this week’s Road To Disrupt, we’re back with Bitcovery and Hammer & Chisel and revisit their on-stage Startup Battlefield presentation at Disrupt SF 2013.

Bitcovery aims to solve the discovery of bits, or digital content, by connecting you to friends’ collections of content. For founders Lalwani and Wong and the Bitcovery team, the largest group they’d ever presented to was 30 people. So the Disrupt stage was a bit different. Still, having pitched investors previously, Lalwani felt confident is his team’s ability to handle the Q/A on-stage. 

Jason Citron, founder of Hammer & Chisel, prepares to unveil the first multi-player battle arena game (MOBA) for tablets. If all else fails, Citron knows his game trailer will go over well since “…it’s just a minute of pure awesome.”

Citron was also humbled to be included in the group of Battlefield companies, saying that there are companies solving problems “fundamental to humanity.” Just founders supporting founders here at the Startup Battlefield.

What’s that you say? Disrupt SF 2014 is next week? Yikes, better grab a ticket.