MirrorWeb Comes Up With A Simple Site Uptime Solution For SMEs

MirrorWeb is a new startup offering a slightly different take on website uptime. While the main competitors such as DNS Hat simply add hardware and server loading to keep sites up if they go down, MirrorWeb does what it says on the tin: mirrors a site during maintenance or problems with a carbon copy. It’s now launched with multiple currencies, including dollar pricing.

You log in, type in your URL. MirrorWeb copies your site then monitors it. If there’s a problem it just flips the traffic to the mirror. When the website is back online they send the visitor traffic back to the original site.

Although there are many companies that provide services to monitor a website’s uptime and provide a backup of the entire site, hardly any do both.

This is a little like having Cloudflare, but this is aimed at small SME with smaller budgets.

The service is particularly relevant to companies that rely on search engines traffic and don’t want to be penalized for periods of downtime.