Social Web Privacy Wonk Andrew Keen Weighs In On PRISM — With More Than Just ‘I Told Ya So’ [TCTV]

Earlier this month many people were surprised to hear the revelation that a number of major web companies may have granted user data access to the U.S. government through a secret program called PRISM. But it’s fair to say that Andrew Keen was likely not exactly dying of shock as these allegations surfaced — he’s been arguing for years that the social web is not nearly as safe as many people presume, and that we give up important rights and principles when we become lax about our privacy.

Keen talks about a lot of these ideas in his TechCrunch TV interview series “Keen On,” but I thought it’d be good to bring him to the other side of the table to hear a bit more about his thoughts on the NSA and PRISM and how people should view privacy in light of the news that’s just surfaced. Talking with Keen is always interesting, so I’d recommend you check it all out above.