Hands-On With Everpix 1.5, The App That Lets You Explore Your Best Photos (And Print Them Too)

From the beginning, Everpix has made it very clear that it is not just another photo-sharing app. The San Francisco startup, which first emerged on the scene as a Disrupt finalist in September 2011 and launched to the public later that year, has built a full-service platform that encompasses nearly all of your disconnected photo-sharing and storing apps and puts your snapshots in one sleekly-designed place stored in the cloud for easy sorting and viewing.

And now with version 1.5 of its iOS app, Everpix has added a very nice new feature called “Explore” which lets you resurface and revisit photos from your archives that may be relevant and complementary to the photos you’re looking at now.

And this is not done by you physically needing to tag your photos — Everpix has built software that analyzes the visual content of your snapshots on its own. If you’re looking at, say, a waterfall photo you just took in Yosemite, Everpix Explore will surface photos of the waterfall you admired in Kauai three years ago, and the waterfall you posed next to in Costa Rica five years back. It’s a clever feature because these days we often just take so many photos, but since our collection in the digital realm (and always being added to) we don’t really get that serendipitous experience of rifling through them and stumbling across gems later. Everpix Explore brings that back.

And thanks to a new partnership with Walgreens, Everpix also lets you easily and quickly print out your photos — whether they’re old ones you’ve rediscovered or brand new ones — within an hour. So you can have that physical experience of leafing through photos if you want, too.

It’s a neat update, so we invited Everpix’s co-founders Pierre-Olivier Latour and Wayne Fan to come by TechCrunch TV and give us a hands-on look at the new version of the app and test out the Walgreens printing feature for ourselves. Check all that out in the video embedded above.