Tech Analytics Startup Synapsify Nabs $600K Seed Round Led By ICG Ventures

Tech analytics startup Synapsify announced a whopping $600,000 in seed money today from a cluster of investors that includes ICG Ventures, Fortify Ventures, and Middleland Capital. It’s just another part of the ongoing narrative that’s seen the value of data analysis rise over the past several months. After all, last year we found that payment data was more valuable than payment fees.

This quote from their website delves a little more into Synapsify’s abilities:

Synapsify’s technology can (i) read any type of written content based on several dimensions, (ii) reveal the quality, balance, credibility and quotablity of such content and its most important topics and phrases (iii) index and match against any other written content or customized indexes, and (iv) raise the ability to discover, understand and segment actionable insights.

In other words, Synapsify takes content from any website (like, say, TechCrunch) and measures its overall value. It even measures quality against competing content, and quantifies, say, the amount of traffic a post from TechCrunch might receive in comparison to one of our friendly competitors.

Websites could use these tools to better moderate their forums. Publishers could produce better selling books. Governments could get a clearer sense of what their citizens do and say through social networks.

Synapsify promises that the use of its own patented text analytics and search technology will provide clients with expansive abilities to analyze written content. It’s an interesting little departure from what has been the prevailing assumption about data analysis: it’s the collection of numbers. Going beyond how people spend money and what they watch and what time they invest into certain things, Synapsify is seeking to provide a comprehensive and predictive analysis into what people say, like, write, and think. It’s a little scary if you think about it. Welcome to our brave new world.

Syanpsify’s API as well as its first set of enterprise customers is set to be announced in the beginning of Q2. “The world has become overwhelmed with written content that can no longer be curated and understood solely by costly human moderators,” says Stephen Caldelmo, CEO and co-founder of Synapsify. “Our patented text analytics technology goes beyond simple keyword mentions or one dimensional positive, negative or neutral classifications, bringing value to the market in a new and exciting way.”

We’re sure Fry would have a semi-appropriate response to that.