Sonic Notify Launches Platform For Broadcasters And Retailers To Connect With Mobile Apps Through Audio Signals

Since 2011, Sonic Notify has been working on a platform that will allow broadcasters, retailers, and events organizers to instantly provide users with multimedia content and deals, through audio recognition technology that instantly triggers push notifications and alerts through mobile apps. Now that technology is live, enabling anyone with an app and an audience to begin sending messages and deals to their users or customers.

While initially focused on musicians and concert promoters, Sonic Notify is extending to platform for other types of applications. For instance, it can be used by TV broadcasters who embed its signals to launch content on second-screen applications, and even to trigger interactive ad elements as they watch TV. It differs from a lot of existing audio recognition technologies, like for instance Shazam, in that users don’t have to open the app to access the content or deals sent. Instead, they can receive automatic push notifications within supported apps.

Retail is another area of focus for the company. Sonic is distributing mobile beacons which can be plugged into any outlet and transmit Sonic Signals in stores. Or, retailers can distribute signals through their existing PA systems. Either way, the signal allows customers to receive deals sent to their phones, allowing retailers to upsell customers with in-store conversion tools. It can also allow retailers to sell advertising to partners to target users while they’re shopping.

Either way, Sonic Notify provides an ultra-easy dashboard for broadcasters, retailers, and their advertising partners to build and manage campaigns that can be sent to mobile apps. To integrate with their own or third party applications, those who wish to leverage Sonic Notify’s audio watermarking technology need only insert about two lines of code into those apps to start receiving Sonic Signals. For now, the Sonic Notify system works with iOS and Android apps, but it will soon also work with Windows Phone apps as well.

While Sonic Notify CEO Jonathan Glanz sees a big opportunity in those two markets, he’s fairly agnostic about the types of applications that can take advantage of the technology. In addition to broadcasters and retailers, event organizers and cross-platform app developers can use the technology to share content and information with or between users.

Last summer, Sonic Notify raised $4.25 million from Raptor Group, with additional participation from A-Grade Investments, DEV (Digital Entertainment Ventures), Advancit, Eniac Ventures, Cantora, AngelVision Investors, and new fund GSTech. The company is based in New York and has about a dozen employees there. Existing partners and clients include Samsung, Mobile Roadie, Twitter, Coca-Cola, and Lisnr.