Oh, Snap! Case-Mate Blends An iPhone Case With A Snap Bracelet

Case-Mate, along with every other case maker out there, is launching a new wave of products alongside the iPhone 5, for both the new phone and the iPhone 4/4S. In (what I can only assume is) an attempt to differentiate creatively, Case-Mate has blended a normal rubber case with a snap bracelet.

You know, the kind from when you were a kid that you won at some sort of school fair for not sinking your English teacher in the dunk tank.

Oh, snap.

At face value (as in, looking at it from the front), the Snap looks like your typical iPhone case. It seems to be made of silicone and slips on the iPhone.

On the back, however, there’s a slab of extra rubber with a button on one side. When you press the button, the rubber snaps out into a multi-directional kickstand.

Just check out the video:

It’s a cute take on a kickstand case, if nothing more.

The case comes in five different color flavors and is available for the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4/4S. Grab it at Case-Mate for $35.