This Guy’s Mom’s Square Reader Is Cooler Than Your Mom’s Square Reader

It’s almost Halloween, which means that all of your grown up friends with kids will be crowding up your Facebook News Feed with ridiculous photos of 2-year-olds dressed as the Incredible Hulk. It also means that the inner-geek in all of us come out. Yes, it’s a fun holiday, and we love it because it brings out our creativity.

I mean, did you not see the awesome Path Pumpkins, which I’ve dubbed Pathkins?

Also, the color orange is awesome, but that’s besides the point. Our friends at Square are having fun with Halloween, specifically one engineer’s mom. She took a look at the plain old white Square reader and thought “I can jazz those up.” And jazz up she did, check these out:

My favorite is the pirate with the hat. Nice work, mom!

It’s not the first time that Square employees have gone about fixin’ up those readers in trade for Internet glory, check out the photos from last year’s office champion Square reader dress-up contest:

Think you can do better? Show us in the comments. My mom is going to be dressing some Square readers up for Christmas, so stay tuned kids.

[Old ass Square reader image credit: Flickr]