Picksie, The App That Plans Your Evening Entertainment, Launches On Android

If you haven’t heard already — perhaps because you live outside of the San Fran/NYC area or maybe because you’re averse to having fun — Picksie is a location-based app that helps you figure out what to do.

But it gets way more intensive than a Yelp!-style app because Picksie takes everything it can possibly learn about you and your surroundings to determine your options for the evening. This includes current weather, location, time, past ratings, biographical information from your user account, reviews, and search information.

The app’s been on iOS for some time now, but today is extending to a multitude of new devices courtesy of the Android Market. To celebrate, Picksie has set up a pretty awesome giveaway with us today, but I’m not going to spoil the surprise. All I’ll say is stay tuned.

Picksie has been improving its product ever since it came to market, including trying to understand what individuals want to do based on the city they live in. Back in November the app added Bookmarks and Favorites functionality, but that was just the beginning. A ticket purchasing platform should be rolling out soon to allow Picksie users to buy tickets for concerts or events straight from the app.

Picksie managing director Saju Thomas said that the company really wants to make a push into the dating market. Picksie already has what it needs to be a solid resource for couples trying to figure out their evening. With ticket purchasing on its way, the app should be even more suited to lovebirds.

Of course, tourists and travelers will likely get the most out of Picksie as well.

The application is available now in both the Apple App Store and the Android Market for free.

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