Welcome To Our New Europe Channel, Covering European Tech, VC And Startups

Well, here we are. Excuse us while we unpack a few boxes, but as you can see we’re just about moved out of the old EU.TechCrunch.com sub-domain, into this palatial place called TechCrunch.com/Europe. Yes, folks, after five years or so out there in the wilds of the EU, tapping away about startups on the other side of the Atlantic, our European secret agents are coming in from the cold…

Put simply, we’ve moved the archive of the old TechCrunch Europe sub-domain site over to the TC mothership and this is where you’ll be getting your regular feed abut the European tech scene from now on.

It’s appropriate in many ways. When I was hired by Mike Arrington back in 2007 to launch a standalone TechCrunch Europe blog, he gave me just one word of advice: “Experiment.” The idea that blogs would have a network of several titles looked like a good one back then. But times change, and it’s clearer now that bringing our coverage under the one roof works a lot better, just as it has for other, formerly separate, sites like MobileCrunch and CrunchGear. Plus, European readers will benefit from any new innovations that happen to this site, such as a new design (ok, let’s not go there…).

The good news for European startups is that we’ll be able to give you a lot more TechCrunch luuurve here on TechCrunch.com/Europe. And it’ll be much easier for us to put you on the home page of TechCrunch.com, should the story warrant it, of course.

I hope you’ll enjoy the continuing coverage from myself, Mike Butcher, and Ingrid Lunden and our roster of contributors and guest writers.

Meanwhile, we’d love to get your feedback about what we can do to improve what we do. What stories would you like to see? Who would you like to read about? What do you think are the gaps in our coverage? This is your chance to unload and tell us what you think, so we can go on improving. Feel free to sound off anonymously or otherwise here on this feedback form here or below.

Thanks people!

P.S. Stay tuned on a dedicated Europe channel RSS feed. We need to unpack the kettle first…