Bre Pettis Of Makerbot: “The Future Is Already Here”

We got a great look at the new Makerbot Replicator and, more important, we sat down with founder Bre Pettis to talk about the future. His take? The future is here and 3D printing is one of the things that will change the world.

Pettis built the first Makerbot at NYC Resistor, a hackerspace in Brooklyn. He realized the potential was, in a sense, infinite and, thousands of sales later, Makerbot is now selling new 3D printers entirely assembled that can make objects about “the size of a loaf of bread.”

Pettis noted that kids of the future who understand 3D printing will have a leg up on kids without the experience. He sees the Makerbot as the first in a long line of increasingly cheaper devices that will allow us to separate ourselves from the long logistical chain associated modern gadget sales. The means of public production has reached media. Now it’s coming to manufacturing.