TotalGigs plans live location-based content sharing at music events [Springboard]

Springboard Startups: A “Color for live music” might be stretching the analogy (and the comparison) but Total Gigs wants to be in the same location-based content sharing field, even if it probably wouldn’t like Color’s negative press.

They intend to launch an app on the iPhone, RIM and Android to allow sharing of Pictures, Messages and “Moods” based on location. Then, when the event finishes, the stream closes but users can go back and relive the memory through shared pictures, thoughts and emotions that were captured at the time.

Right now when go to event you use a mobile to capture and share. Total Gigs reckons it’s easy to lose that experience when the event has worn off – although to be honest, the hail of Facebook photos usually means you don’t…

Their idea is to focus is on the live music market first and in the longer term to allow location based sharing at any event. Foursquare is not really oriented towards sharing the content or experiences at an event, although personally I would go for the bigger market first, as Foursquare did.

Total Gigs thinks music promoters and bands want this app. They don’t know who the customers are at events and can’t get at the data.

Long term? The Groupon of live events, maybe.

The team of four is looking to raise a £750,000 seed round.