Hot Cool Box: Thanko's USB Mini Fridge Doubles As Heater

Do you like your beverages cool in the summer and warm in the winter? Are you one of those computer users who think it’s too cumbersome to walk to the fridge whenever you’re in need for a drink? Then the so-called USB Hot Cool Box [JP] from Thanko might be the right thing for you.

What the Tokyo-based USB accessory specialist is selling here is essentially some sort of mini fridge that doubles as a heater: just place your drink into it, plug the box into a USB port and push a button (one side activates the cooler function, the other is for the heater function). In other words, you’ll never have to walk to the fridge or try to keep your coffee warm with something else again.

Thanko is selling the USB Hot Cool box in its Japanese online store for $37. Ask Geek Stuff 4 U if they can get one shipped to you if you’re interested.