Kickstarter: Triggertrap Universal Camera Trigger
While most of us are satisfied with pressing the shutter release button on our cameras in order to take a picture, creative photographers use many methods to do it, from remotes to time-lapse rigs to tethered laptops. But many of these methods are complex, expensive, or both. This Kickstarter project aims to provide an affordable, hackable, and universal tool for telling your camera “now!”.

They call it the Triggertrap, and it’s an Arduino-based system that comes with laser, sound, and interval-based exposure triggers built in. Then there’s a USB input that will let you devise your own methods (or download and apply those created by others). I don’t know about you, but I think this sounds like a great, portable tool that could make my photography better and more varied.

The device would cost about $75, though that may go up later on. It would come in homebrew hackable and retail-friendly, water-resistant flavors. They’re about $4.6K towards the $25K goal with a full month to go, so show them some love.