Mitsubishi Shows All-In-One LCD TV With HDD And Blu-Ray Recorder

TVs with integrated HDDs and Blu-recorders are nothing new anymore, but Mitsubishi Electric is trying to score with a specific selling point: its compact design. Their REAL LCD-22BLR500, announced [JP] today, is an all-in-one device that houses a 22-inch screen, a 500GB HDD, and a Blu-ray recorder with AVREC support.

The screen comes with LED backlight and features 1,366×768 resolution. Buyers also get a USB port, an SD card slot, two HDMI slots, i.LINK, Ethernet (VOD support), and 3W×2ch speakers.

Mitsubishi plans to start selling the LCD-22BLR500 in Japan on July 21 (price: $1,360).