MultiTouchWall: NEC's Awesome, Huge Multi-Touch Digital Signage System (Video)

Face recognition, personalization, flexible screens: digital signage has come a long way. Now NEC is offering up its own digital signage solution, which has two distinct selling points: it’s pretty big (4.1m wide and 1.15m high), and it boasts multi-touch control.

The company says their so-called MultiTouchWall consists of eight 46-inch NEC MultiSync LCD displays with 1,366 by 768 resolution, resulting in 5,464 by 1,536 pixels total resolution. It can display content on one side of the screen while showing different content on the other side.

NEC plans to commercialize the MultiTouchWall soon, but Diginfonews in Tokyo recently shot this video (in English), which provides more insight: