Acer To Dump Laptops In Europe This Season

So you need a laptop? Why not wait a few weeks and fly to Europe because Acer is about to dump 3 million cheap laptops on the European market in order to clear out overstock inventory. Rather than write off the inventory, Acer will probably sell it all at a steep discount, shipping from warehouses on the Continent and China over the next few months. What kind of deals can you expect? No one knows, but they’re trying to dump this stuff with a quickness.

“Sending more products by air makes sense to create some room in the supply chain. If not it ends up costing more money for everyone, it ends up with these kind of announcements [from Acer] or price corrections in the market.

“Inventory becomes older technology and consumers don’t get the best [specs available], things need to change for the benefit of the channel and [their] customers,” he said.

Acer blames the rise of tablets and the tanking of netbook sales on their inventory woes.

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