Lipdub? No. Founders Forum re-creates Bond movie featuring Europe's startup stars

Kinnernet in Israel did a lipdub. DLD in Germany did a lipdub.

But at Founders Forum, the annual meeting of European startups CEOs who’ve (for want of a better phrase) “made it”, they like to go one better.

Last night attendees were treated to “On Her Founder’s Secret Service”, which features; Jason Gissing (co-founder of Ocado), Tessa Jowell (MP), Irra K (model & entrepreneur), Marc Worth (WGSN), Gerorge Milford Haven, Eliz Watson, Ola Ahlvarsson, Loic Le Meur, Charlie Muirhead, Lisa Bilton, Jonnie Goodwin, Brent Hoberman, Jimmy Wales and the whole thing was cast by Poppy Gaye. It was produced by Magma Group.

It’s pretty awesome.

Now in it’s sixth year, Founders Forum has been gradually relaxing it’s exclusive nature. This is the second year it’s allowed in a extra component of press, upcoming entrepreneurs, and the odd celebrity (this year featured Prince Andrew, TV star Davina McCall and celebrity DJ and fashionista Lisa B). This, combined with the exuberance in the market these days means Founders Forum is taking its place in the of panoply of exclusive, invite-only EMEA tech events, alongside F.ounders (Dublin), DLD (Munich), Kinnernet (Israel). But set in an English country house hotel, it remains quintessentially English, despite its pan-European attendees.