Let's help Europe define a clear strategy for a thriving digital economy

Next week, I’ll proudly be attending the first Digital Agenda assembly, hosted by the European Commission, in Brussels, Belgium. The purpose of the two-day event is to discuss Europe’s strategy for a strong and growing digital economy by 2020.

In an effort to increase the standards of living for all Europeans, the European Commission is looking to make proposals for actions that need to be taken to “get Europe back on track for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth”.

You can take a look at the current plans outlined here – I swear they’re actually quite an interesting read if you’re interested in the European Internet and mobile startup scene.

The proposals that will come out of the Digital Agenda will become some sort of road map and will essentially set the scene for the longer-term transformations that the increasingly digital economy and society will bring about, and this is where you come in.

Now that I’ve set the stage a bit, here’s what you can do. Next week, the European Commission is welcoming a broad range of participants from the tech industry, research community, NGOs, as well as representatives from Member State governments and the other EU institutions to assess progress in meeting the targets of the Digital Agenda.

I’ll personally be participating in two workshops (full program is available here):

07. Social networks, a driver for economic and political change? (#daa11socnetworks)

This session will discuss concrete actions for a comprehensive strategy cutting across research, innovation, education and regulation for the scaling of a social networks industry in Europe. What are the most important actions to scale up EU Social Networks?

To discuss it, we have set up a dedicated space. These action will be further discussed at the session. Please, suggest the most urgent actions on: Concrete actions to scale up EU Social Networks

19. Future digital economy: a chance for competitive and innovative European entrepreneurs and organisations (#daa11economy)

This workshop will explore the strengths, weaknesses and needs of the European digital entrepreneurs and SMEs as regards access to financing (notably Venture Capital) and development of European cooperation platforms.

To allow entrepreneurs to grow into European dimension and get in touch with investors, regulators and other possible partners, Europe needs to create systems to strengthen the competitive position of EU companies and boost entrepreneurship.

Help us define the most urgent actions to strengthen the competitiveness of EU economy on the Web.

If the European digital economy is of interest to you in any way, I would really appreciate if you can help me – and by extension, the European Commission – learn as much as there is to learn about these topics. You can formulate any ideas you have via the links above (1 and 2) or in the comment section below. You can also email me if that’s easier for you.

Finally, feel free to use Twitter (admittedly not a EU social network whatsoever).

The general hashtag is #daa11eu, the one for the workshop on social networks is #daa11socnetworks and the one on European startup competitiveness is #daa11economy.

TheNextWeb’s Martin Bryant will also be attending both workshops – here’s his post.

Have your say too and let’s help Europe create and support a healthy digital economy.