Nox Audio Walks Us Through Their Updated Admiral Headset, And It Looks Great
Nox’s Admiral headset has been around since CES, in a way — it’s still not quite final, and by “not quite final” I mean “not final at all.” But it’s still awesome, and once you get over how… shall we say, not lightweight it is, you can kind of see just how great it could be. They’ve changed a bit since CES so we dropped by to get a tour.

Watch the video to get the business straight from Julie, Nox’s President, but the gist is this: You’ve got yourself a wireless headset that goes on regular, Bluetooth, or Nox proprietary protocols. The left headphone is a tiny touchscreen that will at launch be sporting Android 2.3. Yes, 2.3! My high-end phone doesn’t have 2.3 but they’re going to put it in this headset. On the headset there’s room for apps, a Micro SD slot so you can load up your music, and of course the configuration stuff. You can even load up Skype and call people, all on the headset.

Yeah, it sounds pretty nuts. They’re aiming for the end of the year – but no pricing yet, and the product may change up a little as they finish the industrial design. We’ll check back in with them then.