Apple Brings iWork Suite To The iPhone, iPod touch

When I got an iPad 2 test unit in the mail a few weeks back, one of the first things I noticed when browsing through apps was that the iWork suite of apps, Numbers, Pages, and Keynote, were all present in the App Store for the iPad. Immediately, I was overcome with jealousy. Of course, typing in Pages on the iPad isn’t the smoothest experience, but having access to these core apps is better than not, right? In any case, it looks like the iWork suite of apps has been doing pretty well on the iPad, as Apple has migrated those applications over to the iPhone and iPod touch.

Now, business professionals can access import and export Pages, Numbers, and Keynote files to and from their phone, as well as create and edit files. All three apps are available now from the Apple App Store for $9.99 each, just like the iPad versions, and for $0.99 users can purchase the Keynote Remote, which lets you use your phone as a presentation remote. However, if you’ve already bought Pages, Numbers, or Keynote on the iPad, their iPhone/iPod touch counterparts will be a free install. Models earlier than the iPhone 3GS and third-gen iPod touch won’t support these apps, unfortunately.

[via The App Whisperer]