Video: Check Out BlaBlabLabs' 3D Body Scanner/Printer At TC Disrupt

BlablabLab and 3D Systems (along with some help from Sonos) set up an amazing exhibit at Techcrunch Disrupt. Essentially, it’s a 3D scanner/printer that grabs a 3D copy of your body and then prints it out into a 3-inch high figurine. It is, in short, magical.

Two members of the BlablabLab group have manned the gear all day and they’ve scanned quite a few attendees, presenting them with a finished figurine in about 15 minutes. The system uses three Kinect sensors that creates a 3D cloud of points and then the pair cleans up the figurine and adds smoothing and webbing to keep small parts from breaking off. They tried to scan me but they ran out of plastic for my Vladimir Harkonnen-like rotundity.

Check out the video above for a closer look at the hardware and process.