SQLstream Raises $6M For Standards-Based Stream Computing Platform

San Francisco-based SQLstream, which provides a standards-based stream computing platform that enables its clients to harness and monetize their real-time service and sensor data, has raised $6 million from Fontinalis Partners.

The investment was announced earlier this week, but the financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed – a recent SEC filing reveals the size of the funding round though.

SQLstream enables businesses to exploit their real-time service and sensor data, and to analyze and respond to streaming data on the fly without first storing. This eliminates any delay from when the data arrive to when new answers stream out.

Using the SQL language, SQLstream executes queries on the wire, before data reaches the warehouse, enabling businesses to make smarter decisions sooner.

Fontinalis Partners is an investment firm co-founded by William Clay “Bill” Ford Jr., the great-grandson of Henry Ford, who serves as the Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ford Motor Company. The VC firm is, however, not affiliated with Ford in any way.