AT&T To Launch HTC HD7S On June 5th

We’ve known for a while now that AT&T was preppin’ to launch their very own version of the HD7S — they said as much back in March. While they were glad to talk up the HD7S’ advantages over its near-twin, the T-Mobile HD7 (such as the upgrade from a 4.3″ LCD to a 4.3″ Super LCD and.. uhh.. the addition of an S to the end of the name,) they left out two oh-so-important bits: the launch date, and the price.

Well, here it is straight from the horse’s mouth: the HTC HD7S will launch on June 5th for $199 on a 2-year contract. That’s conveniently close to the May 24th event where Microsoft is expected to announce the details of WP7’s next big update — but given Microsoft’s update pace so far, they’d have to pull off some wicked sorcery to ship these things with said update in place.