Google Posts Chromebook Product Page With Specs, FAQ, And Notifications

Just a few short moments after Google officially announced the Chromebook at its I/O event, the search giant also posted the Chromebook product page, offering up some some juicy details about what we can expect to see on these Chrome OS Notebooks for their June 15 arrival.

According to features listed on the product page, the Chromebooks are definitely catering to the demands of consumers, while simultaneously differentiating itself from other tablets on the market. The core idea behind the Chromebook is pretty simple: this device is virtually a barebones computer with Chrome OS running on top, rather than a traditional notebook.

The product page offers up a number of features, as well as basic specs for both versions of the Chromebook, manufactured by Samsung and Acer respectively. You’ll also find a support tab on the product page, which includes a guided tour, a FAQs page, and a help center. You can also sign up for notifications on the Chromebook under the highlighted “Notify Me” tab.

We’re pretty excited about the Chromebooks, so if this sounds as great to you as it does to us, check out Matt’s full coverage of the Chromebook announcement at Google I/O, or visit the Chromebook product page.

Update: Links fixed!