CrowdEngineering raises $4m for enterprise-friendly crowdsourcing

CrowdEngineering, which is based in Southern Italy and the U.S. and provides “enterprise-class crowdsourcing solutions”, has announced that it has closed a $4 million Series A round co-led by Quantica SGR and Digital Investments SCA SICAR, the latter of which was already a seed investor.

The new funds will be used to consolidate the company’s position in the markets that it already operates and enter new markets in Europe and America, as well as continue to develop and promote its products.

Founded in 2009, CrowdEngineering provides enterprises with access to crowdsourcing services that involve customers and employees in business processes in order to “bring significant cost savings and improved effectiveness in the services provided.”

In particular, its social CRM solutions “socialize” customer-facing business processes so that they involve the clients themselves to improve customer retention and loyalty by employing crowdsourcing. Its fagship product is Crowd4Care, which helps enterprises crowdsource customer service. The idea is to involve expert customers and the wider web community to support other users.