Can A Facebook Fan Group Save Stargate Universe?

Power is in numbers, but sometimes cries fall upon deaf ears or come too late. That’s probably the case with the Save Stargate Universe Facebook group. NBC announced last December that Stargate Universe wasn’t going to be picked up for a third season and then MGM recently shuttered all things Stargate, canceling the planned movies for each of the three Stargate series. One of the most successful and longest running scifi franchises seems all but wrapped up.

But fans have been known to save TV shows. Family Guy, Star Trek, Futurama, Arrested Development, Jericho were all canceled and then brought back with help from fans. Sometimes it required shipping crates of bananas or peanuts to executive’s offices, but fans won and at least got to see a few more episodes.

That’s really all SGU fans want at this point. We want a few more episodes so the story can be wrapped up. After NBC failed to renew the series, MGM green lighted a movie to conclude the SGU story and so the final epsidoe of the TV series will end on a cliffhanger, which would have been answered in the movie. Now that’s not going to happen.

The Facebook fan group is currently just over 24,000 members but chances are it’s a bit too late to save the show. Actors have already moved on and back in April, Stargate’s Brad Wright told a crowd at the Official Stargate Convention in Vancouver that he was cleaning out his desk. What do you have to lose, though? Just click over and join the masses. Maybe MGM will approve something but NBC is probably done with SGU. Wrestling and cooking shows are clearly a better fit for Syfy.