$61,000 Phone Makes Calls, Texts

Say, for the sake of argument, you’re a minor league baseball player forced to spend $30 million in 30 days in order to get an inheritance of $300 million, but you can’t keep anything you buy. How would you do it?

Well, you could start by buying a few hundred of these $61,000 cellphones and give them to homeless people with some SIM cards! That’s right: the Æsir is a gold or “metal” phone that makes calls and sends texts. No Android, not smartphone stuff, just calls. Some of the most beautiful calls you’ll ever make.

Made of “watch-grade” material, the gold one is $61,000 while the metal one is $10,000. Little else is known about this crowbar designed to rend the foolish of their money.

via LuxuryLaunches