Heads Up: The White iPhone 4 Is Ever-So-Slightly Thicker Than The Black iPhone 4

It hit the shelves 10 months later than originally intended, but the white iPhone 4 is finally available. If you’re one of the folks gettin’ prepped to sell off your black iPhone 4 in favor of the new hue, there’s something you should know: the white one is just a liiiiittle bit thicker than the black one.

How much thicker? 0.2mm. Yeah; that’s like the thickness of a pudgy needle — seems trivial, right? Unless you’re a super hero with the lamest powers ever (“My hands are uh, really sensitive to dimensional differences. EXCELSIOR!!!!”), you’d never notice that change in your hand.

The problem: some cases (specifically, the hard plastic slide-on types) are very, very precisely built. That 0.2mm is just enough to ensure that some cases won’t fit properly, or even slide-on at all. Unless you’re case manufacturer, you really don’t have too much to worry about; the vast majority of cases (the silicone ones, or the pop-on types) should continue to fit just fine.

[Via MacRumors]